February Favorites: Planters, Mercury Glass and Himalayan Salt

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to start a new category of posts. I will be sharing my favorite decor trends and items with you every month. I hope you enjoy this!

1. Mercury Glass

This first thing has been a favorite of mine for a while now, but I thought I would share it with you for my first favorites post.I bought my older sister a beautiful mercury glass box from Marshall’s for her Christmas gift two years ago, I wanted it so bad, but I knew she would love it too so I gave it to her. A year later I found the same box at Marshall’s and had to buy it for myself. Marshall’s has a giant selection of these boxes and anything mercury glass.

I recently bought a small mercury glass tea light holder from target for under a dollar on sale. It’s so pretty when it’s lit in a dark room. The light shines threw and makes your walls and ceiling look sparkly, I love it 🙂 Continue reading


Update: New posts and categories coming soon

Hey guys! It’s been a while, sorry about that. But I’m back and ready to post more content!

I’ve been doing a lot of shopping lately (urban outfitters sale section is AMAZING) and because of all the cool things I’ve been finding, I thought I’d start doing haul posts.

I also want to start doing favorite things posts. Every month I will do a new posts sharing my favorite room accessories and trends with you.

On tumblr I am taking suggestions for blog posts and diys. If you would like to see a certain style of bedroom post, I will be more than happy to make one that will help you. For example, you want a beach themed room, you can ask and I will come up with a collection of diys and pictures to inspire you!

You can comment suggestions and questions below or on any of my blog posts! I also have a kik, it’s awesome.rooms

I really hope you guys enjoy my posts!

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P.S. I am so grateful to have almost 1,000 page views!!! That’s pretty exciting for me 🙂

Wire Wall Art DIY


Save money and make your own wall art! I saw pictures of this cute wall decoration a few times and finally decided to make my own. It’s super simple and really cheap, all you need is some wire! I got mine from Dollar Tree for, of course, a dollar. It’s called floral wire I’m sure you can get it at any store that sells flower arrangement supplies. You could also pick up some easy to bend wire from a hardware store. Continue reading

Loft Beds

Loft beds are so fun and awesome and they can make any room really awesome. If you already have a loft bed, or plan on getting one, here are some ideas for you!


If you need more space to store your close, an under bed closet is a great idea. You could pick up some clothes racks, a mirror and a curtain, and make a mini walk in closet under your bed!

You could also store anything under your loft bed, not just clothes! It could be a mini storage room instead of a closet.

Since your bed will be up high, having a side table really isn’t an option. Hang a shelf on the wall next to your bed to put things like your phone, clock, or other things you like to keep near you at night.


If storage isn’t a problem for you, make your under bed area a perfect place to hang out or relax. Put a futon, chair, or beanbags and a side table under your bed, hang some pretty lights and a curtain, and you’re done! I love this idea so much.

8883a5984b90796a280f5211e38a0e32Here are more examples of having a small hang out area underneath your loft. Other things you could do are a desk for a little office area, another bed for friends or maybe a sibling if you share a room. But whatever you do, you can make it as unique and perfect as you want! 🙂


DIY Jewelry Dish

I love recreating things I find online, so I thought I should remake a product that I’ve been looking at for quiet some time now. On the Urban Outfitters website there are a dozen of different patterned dishes to store jewelry in ranging from $6 to $12. That’s pretty cheap, but they are really, really small. I thought I could make my own for even cheaper, and make it the size I want. Here’s a quick DIY for you to create your own jewelry dish!

20141117_060129354_iOSYou will need:

  • Patterned paper. You could use scrapbook paper, a printed image, a page from a book, or whatever you feel like.
  • Mod Podge. Matte or shiny, whatever you prefer. I think if you use shiny, it will look more like a plate.
  • A plate. Use an old one you might have laying around your house or go to the thrift store and pick up some for a dollar. I think clear glass ones work best for this.
  • Hairspray if you are using a printed image (I’ll explain below).
  • Gold, bronze, or silver spray paint (or acrylic if you prefer, you’ll just need to paint on a few coats).
  • A brush and exacto knife.

Continue reading

Boho Bedroom Ideas

I absolutely love this style of room. It’s so simple, free feeling, colorful, and down to earth. If you love bright colors, patterns, or even a simple natural looking room, a boho room is perfect for you. There are so different variations of this style, so it easy for everyone to create a room that they love and can spend all day and night in. Here are some ideas and tips to getting a perfect boho bedroom:


First of all, you’re going to want patterns! You could have lots of them, or just stick to one, but no matter what you want at least one. Get blankets, pillows, rugs, curtains, and other textiles that you like and think will look good in your room. Having all these different patterns and textiles will make the room feel cozy and care free, making it the perfect place to relax.


If patterns aren’t really your thing, do something like in the pictures above, white walls, furniture, and duvet cover, with a splash of color. Throw pillows and blankets are perfect for this. Or have a fun curtain or maybe pouf instead of pillows.

I suggest having a really subtle wall color if you want a boho room, because then you can have as many colors as you want in your room, without worrying about matching the wall color. Pick wall colors like white, cream, tan, and pastels. Continue reading

Urban Outfitters Inspired Skull Light

I saw this super cute skull decoration at Urban Outfitters and I really loved it. I never have any money, but I do have a lot of paint, so I thought I should make my own!

For this project you are going to need a skull bank, figure, paper mache skull, or any other skull shaped object that you can paint on, and then the paint colors of your choice.

I don’t trust myself with paint, so I had my sister help me out with this project since she is a really good artist.


Urban Outfitters version ^                                                                                            My version ^

Sketch your design on a piece of paper before you start. Then sketch it on the skull. After that, you can paint it! This is super simple and fun. I did paint a little bit of it, but not the whole thing.The UO one isn’t a sugar skull, but my sister thought that would be cute.

UO’s is a piggy bank but I can’t put money in the one I made because it would just fall out the holes in it’s face, so I thought it would be a cute decorative lamp! I added some string lights from the outdoor lighting section at Menards. They were super tiny and the string was pretty short so it worked out perfectly.


I punched a hole in the back of the skull and stringed the lights through there instead of the face, so the cord wasn’t visible.


That’s it!

The total of this project was about $7.00. The lights were $6.00, but I already had them, and the skull was $1.00. I already had the paint.

I hope this project idea will inspire you to make your own cute skull decoration!